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1 on 1 Personal Training

"keeping U at the center of fitness and nutrition"

Our 1 on 1 personal training programs are custom designed to fit your specific needs based on your goals, lifestyle, and movement patterns. You will learn proper exercise technique, easy to follow nutrition guidelines, and a large variety tips and tricks to help you stay motivated while working towards your goals.


Benefits of FUN 1 on 1 personal training

  • Exercise with proper technique
  • Custom fitness programs based on science to reach your goals faster
  • Enhanced safety 
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • What makes FUN personal training different?

  • We use a gentle science based approach, unlike your typical trainers who will attempt to make you sore on your first workout in an attempt to convince you their method works, we prefer to create an experience that you will enjoy and look forward to. We take in to consideration your current fitness level, previous experience, weight, age, and many other factors before creating an exercise routine. We also believe in the philosophy of assessment through exercise. Simply put rather then base your whole fitness program on what we saw on your initial assessment we treat each session as an assessment and take notes on how your movement patterns change throughout your session, we then use this information to appropriately program for your next session. We do not believe in making it up on the spot, or writing 1 workout for every client to use each day, we believe that the more time and thought we put into programming your workouts the faster and safer your results will come. We pride ourselves in the habit of going the extra mile for all of our clients which is why our trainer is  available to contact for advice on doing home workouts and nutrition questions free of charge, we also keep our studio stocked with free ice cold bottled water for our clients during sessions.

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