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As a personal trainer one of the questions I get asked the most is about what supplements to use. It is my concrete belief that results come from effort and consistency and not from pills and powders. I have never seen a noticeable improvement in my own personal results from any supplements I used in the past nor have I ever seen a noticeable improvement in results between my clients that do and do not use supplements. However I do believe there are certain mental philosophies that will supplement the consistent effort that you put into any goal in life. This is a short list of simple ways of thinking that cost no money, and take no extra effort or energy to apply, in fact when you decide to use these "supplements" for your goal you will notice things seem to get easier and more enjoyable.

1. Desire- Make yourself want it bad enough and you will find a way!

Napoleon Hill said "The starting point of all achievement is desire", without the desire to actually change something we will never seek any action to change it. Desire is a mandatory requirement to achieve any goal in life and the more you want something the more you will be willing to do in order to get it. Almost every person on the planet has had a moment in childhood when they decided that they really wanted something and began to on their own accord develop ways to go about obtaining it. It may have been shoveling snow for neighbors, selling candy in school, or extra chores around the house. How is it that an 8 year old with no business experience can somehow develop and successfully execute a business plan to get a new bike? The answer is desire! Without the desire to obtain whatever it is we wanted we would never have thought of the ways to go about obtaining it let alone actually do them. Keep your fires of desire burning strong and your goal will find you!

2. Faith- Believe you can and you will!

Nothing can be done without first believing it can be done. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." Regardless of whether or not the rest of the world believes in you the only real requirement is that you have faith in yourself! Seeing results through exercise and nutrition is not an overnight process, it takes consistency and effort. There will be many naysayers and negative influences that will attempt to steer you away from your goal, and your faith will be your best defense from these sources. It is important to continue to believe in yourself and your efforts even when everyone else is doubting you. Most of the greatest inventions in the history of the world were founded on the faith of one person in themselves. The car, the airplane, the phone, and the internet come to mind. These were all "crazy ideas" when first pitched and with the power of faith and continuous effort they were all made a reality and went on to change the world. Keep your faith strong and you possess the power to change your own world!

3. Positive Inner Dialogue- You become what you think!

Everything has two ways of being seen. Is the glass half empty or half full? Do you hate this exercise or is it your least favorite? Whichever you decide to choose will determine how you feel. By keeping your inner dialogue positive you will not give your mind the opportunity to allow negative thoughts to stop you from pursuing your goal. You can call yourself fat and be upset that you are on a diet or you can acknowledge that you are putting in effort to change your lifestyle and be excited to improve your health. When we constantly remind ourselves of the things we dislike about ourselves it becomes very easy to justify doing things we know work against our goal. Stay focused on all of the positive things you are doing to achieve your goal and your behavior will continue to improve on its own!

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